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Who are the folks behind My Bella Basilicata?  We’re residents with first-hand knowledge, professional experience, and local contacts to help you enjoy this beautiful region to the fullest – whether you are searching for your family's past or planning to visit your ancestral town. Bryan is an active member of APG (Association of Professional Genealogists).

VALERIE has more than 20 years’ experience in the travel and tourism industry. She has worked as a travel agent, a corporate consultant, and as a tour  planner and guide. Valerie studied history and is also a freelance travel writer focused on Italian travel and the Italian lifestyle. She has roots in Basilicata, an affection for the people, and a love of the culture, history, landscapes and foods. 

BRYAN traded his business career for the slower pace and rich history of Italy in 2006. He has directed his eye for detail to genealogy research and has logged hundreds of hours in state and church archives and online helping individuals and genealogy services locate records in Basilicata, Campania and Puglia. Bryan shares his knowledge about Italian genealogy, speaking with groups and at conferences. Check our Press Room section for his latest engagement.

HGTV came to Trivigno to film Bryan and Valerie, along with their local friends, for their popular show, House Hunters International! It was a lot of fun to participate and the episode aired in late 2012, we hope you had the chance to see it.

The popularity of House Hunters International is truly international and can be seen on the Fine Living channel in Italy (dubbed into Italian).

Bryan and Valerie were also interviewed by RAI Italian TV's national program Mezzogiorno Italia and the local news station TG-R about their move to Italy. Valerie was also featured again on RAI with an American family that returned to their roots for a trip to see their ancestral town.  

Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to see more videos about Basilicata.

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