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 Customer Comments

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  • The pleasant memories of our genealogy journey are still fresh, and we remain grateful for all you did to make it such a success.  -  Lenard

  • Again, thanks so much for all this tedious research! I'm pleasantly surprised you could actually go back that far. I and my family are very grateful to know all this. Somehow when you know they are related all these names mean something.  –  Lois

  • Let me just start by saying, we were sooooo happy with the time we spent together.  It was amazing and so completely unexpected.                Thank you! - John 

  • WOW! This is an amazing amount of info. Thank you so much! You're a pretty good detective - that's what this work really is.  –  Anthony

  • Thinking back over our trip, we can’t thank you enough for your research and planning.Having my entire family together in my grandfather’s village was an amazing experience for all us, one we’ll treasure forever.  Thank you!  - Michael

  • ​Just a quick note to thank you for a very memorable day. Although we did not find any living relatives I will certainly leave with some sense of who I am and how my family lived. I have now looked upon the same views that they would have seen and walked around many of the streets they would have walked. - Deb

  • It was so awesome to see the towns our family came from and be able to connect to that.  Thanks for your translating, assistance and the fun time hanging out together.  We loved the time in Basilicata! – April

  • ​Valerie did a terrific job of researching my grandparents. It would seem that genealogy research requires a bit of sleuthing and not taking for granted everything as it appears in the record books.- Bob

  • Thank you so much, Valerie. We had a great time in Anzi and the Inn. What an experience! We hope to see you one day again! 
    It was great to meet you and have your guidance in Basicilicata. - Ben

  • Jan and I thank you so much for enriching our lives on our recent trip and introducing us to the warm and caring southern Italian hospitality. You brought us into the homes of the wonderful people you are surrounded with----for that we are so ever grateful. –  Robert

  • It has been a blessing to have met you and Bryan. Everything exceeded our expectations. We again are so thankful for you and your help with this very memorable vacation. - Lisa

  • Bryan and Valerie are the real deal. I've never had a travel experience more rich and satisfying than traveling the land of my ancestors with this capable and eager couple. Their knowledge of the history and geography of the land is superb, and they share it with grace and gentility! - Tom​​

  • Wow! Thank you so much!! This was more information than I could have asked for! I'm so happy to find out the name of my great great grandmother.- Kimberly

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