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 Genealogy Research:

Basilicata, Puglia and Campania Regions

 Where does your family’s story begin?

 We can help you find out!  We’ve stood at that crossroads of cultures ourselves, wondering where our ancestors were from, what life was like for  them, why they left... and what they left behind?  We understand your desire to connect to your roots.

 Technology is a tool, but it can’t overcome busy records clerks or non-digitized records – but we can!  We are in Basilicata, speak Italian and can
 go directly to the source for records!


  • Obtain documents (official birth, marriage or death certificates) from the town hall
  • Research lineage and family heritage using a range of resources including church, civil and online sources
  • Create a more complete family tree
  • Find family stories and background history
  • Look for living relatives
  • Talk to townspeople to find out more about your family’s history in that town
  • Locate your ancestors’ homes or at least the streets where they lived
  • Find out what profession they had

 We are highly experienced in researching historical documents and have cultivated rapport with the records clerks and clergy to access the
 records and find your family’s history!

​ We can put together a lovely Family History Book for you that includes your family tree, details of our research, and abstracts of records, along with photos of your ancestral town and background information, all bound together in a nice album.

 We are based in Basilicata but we offer genealogy research assistance and ancestry tours in Basilicata and neighboring Puglia and Campania. Do you want to experience the town where your ancestors came from... We are here to help!


  • Online research only takes you so far

  • You don’t have time or patience to complete the picture and find the right branches of your family tree

  • You don’t know how to research, and looking at online records makes your head spin and eyes ache!

  • You need help obtaining Italian documents

  • You need official documents from the records office to apply for citizenship

  • You don’t read Italian and are unsure if you’re on the right track

  • You want background history or family information found only on-site

  • You would like to confirm what you have found online yourself

  • You want to locate your ancestors’ homes

  • You would like to find out if you have living relatives in Italy

  • You sent an email or fax request to the town that has gone unanswered                                                        

 Genealogy can be like a treasure hunt, but we know how and where to look and we speak the language.  We can overcome the barriers and track  down your family’s line.  We can help you find out where your family’s story began so you can pass the torch...

To start your own genealogical journey:



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