​​​ Travel Planning Services: Basilicata, Puglia, Campania

 Travel Planning and Custom Intineraries

 Make your travels unique!  We’ll arrange a custom independent trip just for you.  We’ll guide you to the must-see sights and the hidden gems with    excursions, private guides, and travel planning services around southern Italy.  

 There are trip planning options to fit your travel style and needs.  Put our first-hand knowledge, professional experience and local contacts to work for you 
to  create the vacation you want – we’ll do the work so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

 Custom Itineraries
 Want the perfect trip but don’t want to spend countless hours researching all the details?  We’ll plan a custom itinerary just for you.  We’ll discuss the trip  you want and then go to work to plan out the best itinerary based on your time, taste and budget.  We’ll reserve the right accommodations, excursions,

 and guides, and advise you on routes and transportation options.  We’ll even recommend special little eateries and sights along the way.

 We also collaborate with knowledgeable professionals in neighboring regions and can help you with your travels in nearby Puglia, Campania and

 Calabria, too.

 What you'll get:

  • We will work with you to create a tailor-made itinerary based on what you want for your trip.  

  • We'll book accommodations, provide routes, orient you to the territory and landscape.

  • Provide restaurant recommendations, options for activities and outings, and sights to see.

  • You'll receive our exclusive Mini-Guide to Basilicata, provided only to our Custom Itinerary clients.

 Basilicata Concierge
 We are your on-site experts with indepth knowledge of the Basilicata and contacts around the region. We can provide the kind of concierge service you  need to tailor your trip to your wants and needs.  Some of the services we can provide as your concierge:

  • Reserve the right accommodations based on your preferences and budget, from country inns, hotels, vacation rentals, a quaint B&B, or resorts.
  • Arrange for transportation or hire a driver for you.
  • Set up special dinners or parties.
  • Organize cooking classes.
  • Arrange winery visits and wine tastings.
  • Provide restaurant recommendations and reservations.
  • Set up special activities and outings to make your trip special.
  • Furnish a gourmet picnic for a country walk or a romantic beachside lunch.
  • Reserve the zip line Volo dell'Angelo.
  • Arrange for knowledgeable guides in the Sassi of Matera, the Murgia Park, or the Crypt of the Original Sin (Matera), or elsewhere in the region.
  • Fulfill your special requests to make your trip one to remember!

 Special Interest Activities
 Make your trip memorable with special activities catered to your interests.  How about a zipline ride?  Or maybe a cooking class in an agriturismo.   

 See our Activities Page for some of the available options that will make your trip special.

 Ancestry Trips
 If you have roots here and want to explore your ancestral village or are looking for vital records, we can help!  See our Ancestry Trips page for details.