If a picture is worth a thousand words, video speaks volumes more!  Explore the colors and traditions of Basilicata in this beautiful 'Snapshots of Lucania'.

 About Basilicata

 A Hidden Land to Discover

 Basilicata is possibly the least-known region in Italy.  It is cuddled  between  Puglia, Calabria, and Campania, and is the most sparsely  populated part of  the country. Its ancient name is Lucania, and while it  was renamed  Basilicata, the proud inhabitants are still known as  Lucani.  They cling to  millennia-long traditions, preside over ancient  ruins, and have a deep  sense of hospitality.  Throughout their history  they have endured invasions,  deprivation, and exploitation, yet

 modern Lucani offer warm welcomes and a genuine desire to share  their  culture with visitors.

 While she dips two toes into two seas, Basilicata does not embody the  typical Mediterranean image one may have of Italy.  Like other regions  of  Italy, there are billowing wheat fields and rolling hills punctuated with  grape  vines and olive groves, but the bulk of the landscape is often  rocky and  rugged, even primitive.  It has a unique and raw beauty.  Time-worn villages  cling to ridges and hilltops.  Alpine mountains are  ribboned with rivers and  sliced with gorges. 

 For visitors, Basilicata offers sustainable tourism with an abundance of  outdoor activities, folk festivals, ancient Greek and Roman ruins, and  historic castles.  For residents, the region offers a slower pace of life,  hospitable townspeople, and affordable homes. 

 Discover Basilicata – you’ll be glad you did!