Heritage Immersion Day

  Walk, see and taste what your ancestors experienced. Basilicata, Puglia or Campania!

  • Would you like to see where your family came from?
  • Do you want to walk the streets and see the church where your grandparents were married?
  • Perhaps you want to see the landscapes and taste the foods that your ancestors knew so well. 

 We will help you find the towns and take you on a personal journey to introduce you to the places and the people who live there.

 We can assist with:

  • Personal guided tours to your ancestral town, which can include a trip to the vital records office to locate pertinent documents.
  • Trip recommendations to help you make the most of your visit to your ancestral town.
  • Mini-guides to give you insights about visiting this part of Italy you won't find in any published guides.
  • Photography services.  Want to see where your family originated but can’t get away?  We’ll go there for you!  We’ll cast our eyes and look deeply, then write a detailed description to accompany a vibrant assortment of photographs that will give you a real sense of place and an overview of life there today. 

Many travelers to Italy have deep roots here that they want to explore.  Grandparents or great-grandparents left these time-worn hills to seek opportunity across the sea.  We understand the desire and yearning to connect their memories and stories with the places they left behind. 

We know how intimate and emotional such a journey can be, because Valerie had just such an experience herself. Read how she climbed the family 
tree in a small mountain-top town and learned more about her heritage.  In fact, Basilicata captured her heart and she now resides there. Because this  proved to be such a defining experience in her life, she enjoys helping others uncover their roots, too.

 We speak Italian and will translate conversations as you encounter townspeople, possibly even long-lost relatives. We will ascertain opening hours  of  civic offices and plan visits accordingly.  If you’re coming to Italy to discover your heritage, let us help you.  We’ve traveled this road ourselves  and  understand your quest.

 To organize your own Heritage Immersion Day.                                                                                  


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