My Bella Basilicata 



My Bella Vacanza, LLC (known as My Bella Basilicata) is a full service professional genealogy research service. We provide genealogy research, analysis, evaluation, consultation, education and genealogy tour guide services for clients who are of legal age and capacity to pay in advance for such professional level work. My Bella Basilicata’s work is sold in blocks of time that are projects focused on authorized client goals that have been agreed upon for each specific project. Prior to initiating a project, My Bella Basilicata offers a free consultation where we will discuss goals, scope of research, possibilities, and options with clients and potential clients. My Bella Basilicata will then recommend the appropriate size of project to meet the client’s needs; but the clients choose the size of their project through their purchase.

As the client, you recognize and accept that My Bella Basilicata utilizes education, experience, expertise, available resources, and time to fulfill your specific research goals, but with no guarantee of the results or correlation between the costs of discovery and the eventual project size that will be needed to accomplish the agreed upon goals. In light of the nature of genealogy research there are no guarantees, warranties or promises implied or otherwise given with regards to the results of research services, as it is not known in advance by My Bella Basilicata or the client whether the desired results can be obtained.

You as the client will supply My Bella Basilicata with the requested family history and genealogy information and instructions needed to provide the requested services. Quality of results, timely delivery of completed job, and to avoid duplication of previous research efforts are dependent upon the receipt of the completed Genealogy Questionnaire and client provided genealogy items including (if available) a Pedigree Chart or GEDcom file, Family History and Genealogy Materials, records, documents, and related information.

Professional genealogy projects are initially handled in the order that a deposit payment and the required client provided family history and genealogy items and instructions are received. Client projects are generally completed in 30 days from receipt of all requested client provided materials. However, there may be times when a project will extend beyond this time frame depending upon receipt of correspondence from outside research contacts, the availability of resources, records acquisition, or unforeseen circumstances. In these situations, we will keep you advised by email of changes to the estimated project completion date.

Payment for our professional genealogy research services, including all options listed on this website, and other marketing materials, pertain to the use of expertise and the time spent, and not to the research results. When research is conducted or professional services provided, My Bella Basilicata has no way of knowing in advance what will be found. We provide quality, experienced, professional genealogy research services.

Research projects may at times require the purchasing of records from third parties. Known costs of these records will be billed to the client at the completion of the project. If the costs are known, the client will be advised prior to ordering these records; if unknown, payment is expected prior to delivery of the finished job.

My Bella Vacanza, LLC is an Ohio registered entity.